CloudMile is turning 3! More AI applications are coming to help enterprises optimize operations performance


In mere three years, CloudMile has served over 320 corporate clients at home and abroad, building up our experiences in assisting clients with AI and digital transformation on the cloud.  We broke our revenue records in 2019 by doubling its YoY growth while being nominated as Top 30 Neo Star. These are acknowledgments of our innovative business models and operations accomplishments. We plan to invest more research and development resources into introducing more AI services and leading businesses to adopt AI faster. Also, CloudMile will soon launch our Managed Service Platform to provide automated service monitoring and financial management. CloudMile will identify insights and values from all sorts of data, and provide more timely technical support to assist its corporate clients with IT operations fully. 

Milestones in the last three years

CloudMile_Milestones in the last 3 years

IDC revealed in its research report that of the top 10 technologies that will impact 2020, CIOs in Taiwan place more emphasis on the development of AI, expecting an adoption rate at 43% in Taiwan by 2021. AI has been considered as a critical driving force for Taiwan’s ICT industries. “CloudMile has been dedicated to AI/machine learning and clouding technologies,” remarked Spencer Liu, the CEO. “We have provided customized solutions to help clients adopt AI and clouding technologies. With our experiences in serving over 20 industries, we will launch more AI and cloud products to help clients kick off their digital transformation.”

Our MarTech company Ainotam introduced Loupe, a keyword campaign accelerator, on the Google Martech Partner Demo Day organized by Google and IAA and attracted rapt attention from digital marketing companies. LOUPE is the first AI-driven tool for keyword campaigns, and it offers three features, namely Customised Dashboard, Advertisement Suggestions, and Smart Tracking. Loupe provides digital marketers with insights found in data assets and improves their work performance. Loupe is expected to save a marketing team 420 work hours, and free the team members, so they have more time for the development of marketing campaigns. It is estimated to generate a more substantial revenue at more than NT $25 million for enterprises. In addition to managing keywords, the company will soon put forward image and video advertising solutions, and products integrating Google Analytics. 

Founded in 2017, We started with a team of three and has grown into a workforce of over 80 members in our offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  In 2019, we established our subsidiary MarTech company Ainotam to deliver AI services to more enterprises. CloudMile currently has more than 25 AI clients and experiences with various sectors. 

Having earned over 70 accreditations, we are  the Core Strategic Partner of Google Cloud, and also the first partner that acquired Infrastructure Specialization, Machine Learning Specialization, and Data analytics Specialization in North Asia. 

With our exceptional technical strength and comprehensive services, CloudMile has been supported by clients, and as a result, our revenue tripled in 2018. A firm foundation in Taiwan has allowed us to enter the Hong Kong market in 2019, where our services have been preferred by large media outlets and eCommerce clients. This translates to a doubled revenue in 2019. The traction has been recognized by investors, so CloudMile raised over US $10 million in shorter than three years. Looking into the future, Liu pointed out that CloudMile plans to step onto the Singapore market, and leverage it as a beachhead for our outreach in Asia. Recruiting in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, we are searching for machine learning developers, cloud developers, data developers, full stack developers, and account managers. Our team size is expected to double this year to keep offering the best AI and cloud services. 

To facilitate the spread of information about tech trends, here we introduced our official account on LINE: @cloudmile. We will share the latest information about AI,  cloud knowledge, and applications in this channel. In celebration of our third anniversary and the achievements of having more than 300 clients in Asia, the first 300 users connecting with this official [email protected] account will be given a free City Cafe voucher. Connect now with @cloudmile so you can sip your coffee while learning more about AI and the cloud!

In celebration of our third anniversary and the achievements of having more than 300 clients in Asia, we are offering 300 cups of coffee.

Celebrating our third anniversary, we are offering free City Cafe vouchers for the first 300 users connecting with its LINE official account @cloudmile. Enjoy a nice aromatic cup of coffee when you dip yourself in the knowledge of AI and cloud!

About CloudMile

CloudMile, a leading cloud service provider and AI company in Asia, focuses on implementing AI for its corporate clients and drive growth. Leveraging ML and big data analysis, CloudMile assists corporates with business forecast and industrial upgrades. CloudMile has earned 70+ accreditations, with 40+ Google Cloud Certificates. Being the Premier Partner of Google Cloud, CloudMile is also the 1st partner that acquired Infrastructure Specialization and Machine Learning Specialization in North Asia.

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