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Growing the Cloudflare Apps Ecosystem

Starting today we are announcing the availability of two key pilot programs: Cloudflare Apps with Workers and Cloudflare Workers Service Providers. Over the course of past few months we've seen an accelerating interest in Workers.

CloudMile becomes Premier Partner for Google Maps! 

CloudMile 於 2018 年 6 月份成為 Google Maps Platform 夥伴為台灣數一數二的夥伴獲取資格!CloudMile 未來將結合 Google Cloud 與 G Suite 提供企業客戶全方面整合服務!

CloudMile achieves Google Cloud Infrastructure Specialization

CloudMile is the first partner in North Asia (and one of 14 partners worldwide) to achieve Specialization in Infrastructure for Google Cloud. What an honour to keep us moving on!

什麼是推薦系統?如何應用深度學習 TensorFlow 來提升戰鬥力 100%

由T客邦主辦的 #TensorFlow推薦系統實作坊上個月圓滿落幕,CloudMile 講師群從理論到手作,從什麼是推薦系統到為什麼可以透過深度學習強化推薦系統一一解析,趕緊來看看技術部落客 Jerry 的課程筆記掌握課程精華。