Machine Learning

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Machine Learning (ML)

Leverage the power of Machine learning to discover uncharted fields in your business, while also gaining insights about your client profile as well as business predictions. CloudMile is ready to assist you in getting the most out of your existing data and training that data with customized machine learning models.

Cloud Services

Grey, Orange, and Blue Clouds
Hybrid Cloud / Multi-Cloud

CloudMile provides a seamless integration of all the clouds you have. Moreover, we make sure your on-premises infrastructure runs smoothly in conjunction with public cloud platforms. On top of that, since we possess both the top-notch professional cloud certificates that were acquired through industry-leading cloud partners and also various industry experiences, we can help you implement hybrid cloud fastly without any worries.

Merging Blue and Orange Cloud
Cloud Migration

Offering customized migration plans, inclusive of converting on-premises and other Cloud platforms into GCP(Google Cloud Platform), no matter whether it’s VM migration or Data warehouse modernization. CloudMile walks you through the entire migration plan for you to have the shortest converting intervals and minimal cost best practices.

Blue Cloud with lines
Cloud Architecture

Experienced in serving hundreds of clients: professional architects to offer international structure, deployment, and optimization services.

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Cloud Security

Collaborate with Cloudflare, the international security service selected by today’s industry leaders. We secure your network and boost its efficiency as well as providing data protection at the global enterprise level.

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Google Maps Services

By providing maps solutions suggestion, premium plan migration, performance and cost optimization, we leverage the core products of Google Maps Platform such as Maps, Routes and Places to help you expand your business territory.

SAP geometric written format
SAP on Google Cloud

CloudMile provides SAP clients guidance and support, not just to reap cost savings and efficiency, but to be more agile through their SAP transformation journey, enabled by Google Cloud Platform.

Data & Search

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Data Integration

Unleash your data's full potential by our cost-effective, tailored data platform that allows you to build scalable data storage, analytics and also ingestion to help you to make the most out of business insights.

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Data Applications

Design and utilize dashboards in a way that is easier to generate customized analysis reports to fit the business needs, while saving a lot of human effort.

A blue cloud with magnifying glass
Google Cloud Search Services

No matter whether integrated with G Suite or used as an independent service to connect to all your third-party applications and data platforms, CloudMile brings the Google Cloud Search, which helps businesses to find information quickly, easily, and securely in the entire enterprise ecosystem.

A magnifying glass analyzing bar chart
Elasticsearch Services

It doesn't matter whether enterprises are using web-facing applications, intranet, or search-driven big data analytics platforms. CloudMile Elastic experts provide exceptional end-to-end services that aim to build your search and analytics infrastructure and also enable you to gain insights from data and maximize ROI for your business.

Application Services

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Application Modernization

Legacy applications, also known as monolithic applications, can slow down the business system because legacy applications are difficult to update and quite expensive to scale. With CloudMile, enterprises can quickly and easily sync the application capabilities with the current and future business environment.

Blue Cloud with orange dots
Intelligent Applications

With the help of CloudMile's knowledge in AI and cloud-native development, you can take advantage of pre-trained AI services to enjoy and feel the best user experience.

Support Services

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Managed Service

Never worry about potential cloud integration issues that you might think can occur. CloudMile's new generation managed service is very comprehensive and provides various services. Unlike traditional on-premises, we focus on design, architecture and automation. We also offer dynamic monitoring, agility,innovation, scalability and time-to-market 7/24 for cloud integration. Along with the focus, we deliver operational excellence, cost optimization, fault tolerance, security improvement, and more. With our managed service, you are in professional hands.

Visualization of 24/7
24/7 Technical Support

Local technical consultancy plus Google GoldenSupport, serving as your Cloud helper.

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Billing Support

CloudMile helps issue invoices, daily/monthly billing report generation and monitoring, and shares the up-to-date GCP(Google Cloud Platform) products and event updates.

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Customized services including basic/ advanced/ tailored tutoring based on your demands; taught by engineers with Google Cloud Certifications.

Discussing Over A Financial Report

About Our Service

Common Questions

We are already using GCP. Can we still collaborate with CloudMile?

Of course you can still collaborate with CloudMile even if you are already using GCP. CloudMile will assist Taiwan enterprises to set up billing and provide invoice, provide professional GCP technical support to help you understand more about GCP products and solutions. Evenmore, CloudMile is the best in artificial intelligence aspects to build a customized machine learning module.

For CloudMile’s service regions, we offer 24/7 Golden Support and we promise to respond to your problems within one hour. For Taiwan region, CloudMile only charges for product fees and 5% Sales Tax; whereas, if you purchase directly through GCP, there will be software import custom duties fees.

CloudMile’s services cover regions including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, China and other South-East Asia countries. We have subsidiary offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. And we are looking to expand our businesses to many more regions.

Please contact CloudMile at [email protected]. We will arrange personnels to contact you to discuss your needs to set up GCP projects.

What is a Billing Account?

Billing Account is an account when you open a project under GCP. Google or GCP partners will charge you according to your billing account. You can use the Google Cloud Platform Console to manage your GCP billing account. From the console, you can update account settings such as payment methods and administrative contacts. Or you can use the console to set budgets and alerts, view your payment history, and to export billing data. Only the account owner, Billing Administrator and Project Owner, have the authority to move your Billing Account to GCP partners’.

Transferring your GCP Billing Account under CloudMile only means the paying account changed. There won’t be any change to your project files on GCP. We even leave you the choice of which GCP Billing Account you would like to transfer to CloudMile.

CloudMile will provide a detailed quotation with lists of services and partnerships. Please contact CloudMile for more information: [email protected].

How can we register for GCP Free Trial?

You can register GCP for free here:

GCP offers USD300 free credit to get started with any GCP product, and valid for 12 months.

After 12 months of GCP Free Trial, your service will be put on hold until you upgrade to a paid account. Please note that, your 0 free credits won’t be stored into your account if you upgrade to paid account before the trial ends

Free Trial can access 90% of GCP service, but doesn’t include SLA.

There are limitation for GCP Tree Trial:

  • VM Core total can’t exceed 8 cores in total.

  • There will be limitations with Quotas.

  • Can’t access GPU services.

Detail information, please contact CloudMile at [email protected].

Clients Case Study

No Matter What Your Business Is, We Know What You Need.

CloudMile provides consulting services on the cloud platform as well as technical support, which has saved engineers in 17 Media lots of trouble.

Eric Hsu, Vice President of Engineering, 17 Media

CloudMile actually provides lots of experiences and advice on the service we want to do.

Ronald Li, Engineering Director, SHOPLINE

Thanks to Google Cloud partner CloudMile, we were able to migrate to Google Cloud with zero issue.

Jsun Wang, IT Manager, BabyHome

CloudMile provided various in-depth training and consultancy, helping Anue shorten the time scale of entering a new Cloud service platform. The spontaneous, high-quality services CloudMile offers also reassure us.

James Lu, Site Reliability Engineer, Anue

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