Why Data-Driven Approach Matters for Your Business?

Well, it’s simple. We can not stress enough the importance of adopting a data-driven approach for your business. By definition, data-driven means making decisions by collecting and analyzing data. Data-driven businesses rely on a solid background that can guide them for better decisions that are usually crucial. Companies that depend on intuition or some personal experience are taking a big risk, whereas you can make more reliable decisions by trusting the data. CloudMile provides all the necessary services that are related to data collecting, data processing, data visualization and data analysis. This is what we are good at!

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    Machine Learning (ML)

    Utilize the power of Machine learning to discover uncharted fields in your business and better understand your customers by getting significant insights about your client profile, as well as business predictions. CloudMile is ready to assist you in getting the most out of your existing data and training that data with customized machine learning models.

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    Intelligent Applications

    With the help of CloudMile's knowledge in AI and cloud-native development, you can take advantage of pre-trained AI services to ensure you have the best user experience.

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    Data Integration

    Unleash your data's full potential with our tailored data platform that allows you to build scalable data storage, analytics and also ingestion to help you to make the most out of business insights.

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    Data Applications

    Design and utilize dashboards in a way that is easier to generate analysis reports with customization to fit the business needs but saving a lot of human effort.

Clients Case Study

No Matter What Your Business Is, We Know What You Need.

CloudMile provides consulting services on the cloud platform as well as technical support, which has saved engineers in 17 Media lots of trouble.

Eric Hsu, Vice President of Engineering, 17 Media

CloudMile actually provides lots of experiences and advice on the service we want to do.

Ronald Li, Engineering Director, SHOPLINE

Thanks to Google Cloud partner CloudMile, we were able to migrate to Google Cloud with zero issue.

Jsun Wang, IT Manager, BabyHome

CloudMile provided various in-depth training and consultancy, helping Anue shorten the time scale of entering a new Cloud service platform. The spontaneous, high-quality services CloudMile offers also reassure us.

James Lu, Site Reliability Engineer, Anue

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