Why is Digital Transformation important for your company?

Digital Transformation (DT) refers to the integration of all digital technologies that businesses use to operate and provide services to customers. It is a fundamental shift in how most enterprises deliver value, which is why this transformation can also often affect company culture. In other words, digital transformation is a cultural change that both employers and staff must adapt to.

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CloudMile Digital Transformation Strategy

3 Pillars of CloudMile's Digital Transformation Strategy
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    Digital Strategy

    Understand the company strategy and long-term business goals. Define the technology roadmap that aligns with clients’ business objectives.

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    Cloud Adoption Program

    Inspect existing technology capability and identify gaps. Modernize the infrastructure with CloudMile Cloud Adoption Methodology.

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    AI Transformation Program

    Identify business pain points that could be solved by leveraging AI technology. Empower businesses with predictive models and automation.

Transformation driven by CloudMile Digital Technologies

We create a complete Digital transformation journey map for your business to complete successfully. During this journey, we guide you through each step. No worries, you will never walk alone!

Cloud Factory

Our cloud factory program consists of 5 steps which include analyzing current status, planning, designing architecture, migrating, and operating. As you can see, these 5 steps include some extra processes. For example, Cloud factory simply gives you an overview of how the entire cloud migration framework works. We walk you through all the steps to ensure satisfying results.

  • Strategy

  • Assess & Plan

  • Design & Build

  • Migrate & Test

  • Operate & Optimize

Cloud Professional Service

We are the #1 choice of business and technology partners in Northern Asia. Purely focused on your needs, we generate revenue by blending and processing the data, as well as influencing culture change in the cloud through professional services from CloudMile.

  • Security & Compliance

  • Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

  • Operation & SRE

  • Cloud Migration

  • Infrastructure

AI Factory

CloudMile’s AI factory is similar to the cloud factory in terms of the adoption process. Once we analyze your current business situation and your collected data, we then make a plan and build an AI model that best fits your needs. Once we build an AI model, the next step is to train that model, so that the algorithm will learn and start giving you some actionable insights that you never knew before. A well-trained AI model is all you need for better, more accurate predictions.

  • Strategy

  • Assess & Plan

  • Design & Build

  • Apply & Test

  • Scale & Optimize

Data & ML Professional Service

Together, we will guide you through the processes of both cloud and AI adoption to help transform your business and stay competitive. Let us explain some of the services we offer. First, depending on the field, we offer various services. For example, if your business is focused on IoT, we provide IoT-specific services such as machine learning with IoT, IoT specific cloud solutions and big data analysis based on IoT industry metrics. Whatever type of service you are interested in, we are ready to assist.

  • IOT Solution

  • Data Warehouse

  • ML Delivery

  • Data Arch Design

  • ML Discovery

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CloudMile Cloud Adoption Program

Leverage the experience of our professional services consultants and our proven implementation methodology.

Our Adoption Framework helps you identify key cloud adoption activities and objectives to accelerate your journey to the cloud. Assess your organization’s cloud readiness with the Cloud Maturity Assessment and discover useful change-management strategies in our whitepapers. After evaluating the assessment result, the next step is ‘action planning’ before moving to the actual implementation of cloud migration as well as entire digital transformation.

Once the action plan is completed, the first thing we need to do is to design the architecture and solutions to migrate data and cloud from your existing systems.

The last step of CloudMile’s cloud adoption program is to operate and test the newly implemented cloud system, as well as provide full integration among different systems that businesses use.

  • Strategy,
    Assessment &

    • Cloud Discovery

    • Cloud Maturity Assessment

    • Action Planning

  • Cloud Migration
    & Digital

    • Solution & Architecture

    • Migration Planning

    • Data & Cloud Migration

    Improvement &

    • Operation Readiness & Efficiency

    • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

    • Site Reliability Engineering

CloudMile AI Transformation Program

With the experience of over 10 different industrial services and our strong ML expert team, we provide the best practical transformation through this methodology.

To elaborate a bit more in terms of practical action, ML Discovery starts with identifying the problem of your business. We will explore and qualify the data to evaluate your technology feasibility. Then provide you a feasibility study report which can show the business value from the selected uses case and find the best fit of your business.

The second step of our AI transformation program is MVM development. In feature engineering, we extract insightful features from raw data, which is an essential process to make the ML algorithm work. And then, we compare different algorithms and choose the most suitable one to build a model and train the model.

The final step of the program is called 'On production' phase, where we design the architecture relying on our reliable and scalable technology as a foundation. After deploying the ML model along with the architecture design, we provide consultancy on model tuning as well as optimization to make sure everything works smoothly and the transformation is complete.

  • Machine Learning

    • ML use case generation

    • Data exploration & qualification

    • Feasibility study report with risk evaluation

    • Identify business problem

    • Develop hypothesis

    • Acquire & Explore data

  • MVM Development

    • Feature engineering

    • Algorithm comparison & selection

    • Model deployment

    • Build a model

    • Train the model

  • On Production

    • GCP architecture design

    • Consultancy on model tuning & optimization

    • Apply and scale

Clients Case Study

No Matter What Your Business Is, We Know What You Need.

CloudMile provides consulting services on the cloud platform as well as technical support, which has saved engineers in 17 Media lots of trouble.

Eric Hsu, Vice President of Engineering, 17 Media

CloudMile actually provides lots of experiences and advice on the service we want to do.

Ronald Li, Engineering Director, SHOPLINE

Thanks to Google Cloud partner CloudMile, we were able to migrate to Google Cloud with zero issue.

Jsun Wang, IT Manager, BabyHome

CloudMile provided various in-depth training and consultancy, helping Anue shorten the time scale of entering a new Cloud service platform. The spontaneous, high-quality services CloudMile offers also reassure us.

James Lu, Site Reliability Engineer, Anue

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