Cloud Migration

Reduce the cost and risks associated with cloud migration with our proven process management, professional team, and migration experience.Don’t let your business fall behind in the era of cloud computing. Get ready to take advantage of Google Cloud. The Migration types that we can help you are:

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    Virtual Machine (VM) Migration

    We use the ‘lift & shift’ strategy to migrate your VMs from on-premises or other clouds directly into Google Compute Engine to deliver an agile, proper, frictionless migration.

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    Data Warehouse Migration

    We also help you complete a successful migration from popular on-premises data warehouses to a more flexible, scalable cloud service, which is Google BigQuery.

Application Modernization

Legacy applications, also known as monolithic applications, often slow down the businesses because these applications are difficult to update and can be expensive to scale. With our services, enterprises can sync the application capabilities with the current and future business environment.

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    Legacy Modernization

    Offer an industrialized approach to modernize legacy applications to tackle all scalability and high-cost issues as well as migrate from mainframe and other legacy infrastructures.

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    Cloud Native / Serverless

    Partner closely with your IT team on existing production applications and resolve issues to help you better understand infrastructure costs, improve application scalability, and spend more time integrating new services and developing new customer capabilities.

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    API Facade

    Build cloud native APIs by bridging legacy systems to modern applications to enable agile development of enterprise facing applications on data and processes.

Hybrid Cloud / Multi-Cloud

CloudMile provides a seamless integration into all your cloud environments to ensure your on-premises infrastructure runs smoothly in conjunction with public cloud platforms. Furthermore, our top-notch professional cloud certificates recognized by industry-leading cloud partners, combined with various industry experiences, can help you implement hybrid cloud environments quickly and without complexity.

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    Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

    Rather than bend your business processes to a specific provider’s service, our multi-cloud strategy provides you with the flexibility to choose the solution that best fits your needs. In addition, choosing a multi-cloud strategy also gives you more availability across different cloud providers from the ground up. With the help of our end-to-end multi-cloud portfolio, we walk you through this transformation to ensure all your clouds are integrated seamlessly and properly.

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    Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

    The fault tolerance and accessibility of public clouds, combined with the security and performance issues of private clouds, leads us to customizations and flexibility options of the hybrid cloud. For industries such as finance and manufacturing, we can assess the organizational complexity and help manage sensitive data or deeply entrenched applications running on on-premises hardware and software.

Why CloudMile

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    Within three years, we’ve earned more than 70 certifications, which over 40 of these are Google Cloud certificates.

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    We became the premier Google Cloud partner that acquired Specialization of Infrastructure, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics in Northern Asia.

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    Served 10+ practical industries experiences and more than 330 enterprises worldwide.

Clients Case Study

No Matter What Your Business Is, We Know What You Need.

CloudMile provides consulting services on the cloud platform as well as technical support, which has saved engineers in 17 Media lots of trouble.

Eric Hsu, Vice President of Engineering, 17 Media

CloudMile actually provides lots of experiences and advice on the service we want to do.

Ronald Li, Engineering Director, SHOPLINE

Thanks to Google Cloud partner CloudMile, we were able to migrate to Google Cloud with zero issue.

Jsun Wang, IT Manager, BabyHome

CloudMile provided various in-depth training and consultancy, helping Anue shorten the time scale of entering a new Cloud service platform. The spontaneous, high-quality services CloudMile offers also reassure us.

James Lu, Site Reliability Engineer, Anue

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