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MileCDN is a one-stop management platform that uses Multi CDN as the core, and has complete WAF and DDoS protection mechanisms. Not only it cooperates with many top CDN service providers such as Akamai, Cloudflare and Alicloud but also provides visualized data analysis on a single platform that will help the development teams save time and manpower for CDN management. (*We reserve the rights to modify the list of CDN providers without prior notice)

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    One-stop Multi-CDN platform with multiple top-tier CDN services. You can operate services on one single interface without having to negotiate the communicating price and usage with multiple CDN providers.

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    AI Allocation

    Enhance your website performance with automatically rerouting CDN services according to an optimal result from every region.

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    Enhanced Security

    Keep your website and network protected at all times. Our self-build WAF allows you to customize your own rulesets while detecting and blocking OWASP top 10 and DDoS attacks.

24/7 Performance Monitoring and Protection for Your Website

Website Reporting Dashboard
Performance Monitoring

Global user connectivity data is collected with the proprietary network performance benchmarking technology to measure real-time performance.

Protection of SQL, XSS and Generic with MileCDN

All traffic is protected with Web Application Firewall from DDoS attacks by MileCDN’s Enhanced Security feature.

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Reach Chinese Audience via MileCDN without ICP license

China Access

South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam and China clusters
Allow people to access your website from China

To ensure the performance, our solution offers CDNs + CN2 as well as to avoid the complicated procedures of acquiring ICP license for in-china experience.

MileCDN AI Load Balancing
CDN optimization drilled down to city/province level

In addition, with AI Allocation of MileCDN will provide accurate information for different provinces and cities in China to help you further fine-tune the performance of CDN.

Go Global with Reliability and Protection

Half of the world shown with digital frontier style

As Google Cloud Premier Partner, we can help enterprises to deploy stable cloud infrastructure while getting a smooth internet connectivity within China market.

Cyber security and performance optimization

MileCDN can effectively mitigate attacks from L3, L4, L7 with OWASP and DDoS attacks. Provides city-level CDN info for enterprises to utilize.

Multi-CDN service management platform

Automatically reroute your CDN for better performance to ensure high reliability and availability.

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