Google Cloud Premium Partner CloudMile Expands to Hong Kong Accelerates Digital Transformation for Hong Kong Enterprises

人工智能雲端服務供應商CloudMile登陸香港 為Google Cloud核心策略合作夥伴 助本地企業數碼轉型

CloudMile, a Taiwan-based A.I startup, officially announced its first launch in Hong Kong market.  CloudMile aims at helping enterprises to achieve digital transformation and develop brand-new business models efficiently by leveraging the power of A.I and cloud technology.  CloudMile’s high quality services do not only boost the productivity and efficiency of an enterprise, but also accelerate the development of Fintech, Smart City and A.I sectors in Hong Kong.

With the establishment of Hong Kong team in late 2018, it has successfully accumulated diversified practical experience in a short time while serving clients from the government, retail, transportation, ecommerce and media industries. 

Equipped with Google Cloud Certificates CloudMile serves as Google Cloud Premium Partner

CloudMile is committed to developing Cloud, Big data analytics and A.I technology, which has earned over 70 accreditations, with over 40 Google Cloud Certificates. CloudMile, the Premier Partner of Google Cloud, is also the first partner acquired Infrastructure Specialization and Machine Learning Specialization in North Asia.

Apart from the recognition of Cloud technology, CloudMile accomplished the first ever case of traditional industry deploying AI technology in Taiwan on GCP. As a leading A.I technology provider, CloudMile also created a content recommendation engine for media and e-commerce players to optimize their businesses. 

In view of the official launch of Google Hong Kong’s Data Centre last year, CloudMile decided to extend its services to Hong Kong with a professional team, offering tailor-made cloud services and structures for local enterprises to enjoy ultra-low latency data delivery, improve their cloud effectiveness and decision-making process. 

 “CloudMile is dedicated in promoting A.I and cloud technologies. The newly-established Hong Kong professional team will work with local enterprises to explore opportunities of digital transformation and develop innovative business models.” Said Mr. Spencer Liu, Founder & CEO of CloudMile. “We also welcome talents who are interested in A.I and cloud sectors to join us and step into Southeast Asia markets together to boost the development of cloud and A.I technologies.”

Mr. James Kao, Chief Operating Officer of CloudMile believed that the Hong Kong government is demonstrating the growing embrace of innovative technology. “In the 2018-2019 budget , HKD$500 million is reserved to implement the innovative technology development scheme, and the idea is also included in the Greater Bay development plan, which implies the significance of promoting innovative technology.” Said James. “Our team acknowledged the emerging demand of A.I applications and digital transformation in Hong Kong. In view of this, we plan to launch Cantonese and English training programs for local enterprises to provide a more comprehensive technology support.”

4 Core Solutions: Address Business Pain Points and Increase Productivity

CloudMile not only provide Google Cloud, Google Maps and G-suite services, but also designated A.I and big data solutions for enterprises:

Solution Service
1. Cloud Solutions
  • Google Cloud and Google Maps Services, including:
    • Cloud Migration Plan: guarantees shortest converting intervals and minimal costs.
    • Training taught by engineers with Google Cloud Certifications.
2. Productivity Solutions
  • Google G Suite Service, including:
    • Gmail, Files, Documents Sharing, Instant Message and Live Conference functions.
    • Simplify the work flow within a team.
3. Security Solutions
  • Cloudflare 
    • Integrated defense against DDoS or abusive traffic to reduce application load while keeping users and data safe.
4. A.I & Big Data Analytics Solutions
  • AI4Biz 
    • Provides A.I consulting service and tailor-made A.I application.
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Help companies to make favourable decisions through Elastic and Lucidworks.


Hong Kong serves as the stepping stone of CloudMile to international market. In the future, CloudMile will continue cooperating with local talents and partners to provide comprehensive technology service to clients. 

About CloudMile

CloudMile is established in 2017, a leading AI company in Asia helping enterprises leverage the power of data to predict business trends and thrive in digital transformation. We enable enterprises to turn A.I. hype into real opportunity. CloudMile has earned over 70 accreditations, with over 40 Google Cloud Certificates. CloudMile, the Premier Partner of Google Cloud, is also the first partner acquired Infrastructure Specialization and Machine Learning Specialization in North Asia.

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