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Benefits of choosing GCP

In addition to high-quality content, the back-end system of a live streaming app must be able to handle its peak traffic to avoid breakdown. 17 Media thus chose to deploy its system on a cloud platform at an early stage.

As the business grows, 17 Media re-examined its infrastructure and adjusted the previous release cycle to offer more services. Kevin Li, Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering said, “With Google Kubernetes Engine, our development cycle experienced an 80 percent increase in overall speed. And Google Cloud data processing products such as BigQuery and Cloud Dataflow enable us to better understand our user base, as well as monitor, analyze, and review the quality of our services.”

Meanwhile, CloudMile provides consulting services on the cloud platform as well as technical support, which has saved engineers in 17 Media lots of trouble.

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In 2015, 17 Media was founded in Taiwan with 10 million A-series funding. After obtaining generous funding from Paktor, the most popular dating platform in Asia, 17 Media became dominated in the Chinese market of live streaming. With the next generation of new media in mind, 17 Media offers users rich, original content and dynamic video interactions.

17 Media is an easy-to-use live streaming app. It’s also a social platform that allows artists, celebrities, influencers, and the public to stream video, record shows, and share their everyday life. Viewers around the globe can watch and enjoy interactions in real time. So far over 40 million people have registered.

Beyond the ongoing creation of rich content, 17 Media strives for consolidating partnerships, enhancing content quality, expanding the business globally, and cultivating talents for the team. 17 Media is a subsidiary of M17 Entertainment Group, whose operations are distributed across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, and Indonesia.