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Benefits of choosing GCP

Boutir has been well familiar with Google Cloud Platform(GCP). Boutir competed in a Hackathon using GCP’s Google App Engine. And when they stood out from the other competitors and officially launched the brand, Boutir developed all their functions on Google App Engine and continued using GCP.


Boutir’s Founder, Eric, said that Google Cloud owns the Infrastructure on a global level offering stable self-built data centers. Also, Google App Engine has an exceptional operating system which allows Boutir to focus on launching new features to expand their business and optimize the customer experience. This is why Boutir chose to put the business assets on GCP and continue using GCP for function development. Boutir’s users don’t have to be a technology or design expert to build their e-commerce world!

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Boutir is a mobile app; its Chinese name literally means “a store in your palms”. Boutir’s functions include product listing, sales, order management, and so on. Boutir offers additional services such as SEO and Facebook advertising. What’s most appealing is perhaps that users don’t need to download the app. They can simply shop online with laptops, tablets, and cellphones.