CloudMile X Jumbo

Benefits of choosing GCP

Jumbo Technology is the largest gaming machine provider in Taiwan; additionally, it has decided to enter the market of mobile gaming. Before adopting GCP, Jumbo was facing back-end labor shortage and unable to scale up servers, maintain system environment efficiently, or to effectively maintain their resources. Jumbo could not address multiple issues such as their peak traffic, either.

That explains why Jumbo opted for Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud CDN, and Cloud DNS to manage Cloud infrastructure and global data transmission to offer services to the users. Supported by the powerful GCP, the expenditures on Jumbo’s server rooms and labor cost both dropped significantly. And Jumbo can now react to the peak traffic with flexibility—no need to worry about a service breakdown or customer churn.  

Benefits of choosing Cloudflare

As cyber attacks continue to happen, Jumbo appears more exposed because of the industry characteristics. Therefore, in their daily operations, it is crucial to build a solid security mechanism to protect the business’ assets.

By using Cloudflare’s integrated security solutions, Jumbo cut relevant expenditures on labor and hardware/software. For instance:

Reduced resources invested in hardware/software:

  • Cloudflare’s interface looks clean and it’s versatile. It offers easy-to-use DNS hosting, reverse proxy, and DNS protection; their security solution “Spectrum” also covers sockets.
  • Cloudflare provides universal WAF rules at the front end. Users can also configure their own.

Saved manpower for contingencies:

When confronting a CC (ChallengeCollapsar) attack, limit the access time of an IP or a device through the Rate Limiting feature. This helps avoid resource exhaustion resulted from CC attacks.

Having benefited from these functions offered by Cloudflare’s solutions, Jumbo can now focus on expansion and pursue optimized business efficiency!

Extended Reading

Jumbo Technology is the largest gaming machine provider in Taiwan and has reached the overseas market, with more than 50 gaming venues in Asia using machines developed by Jumbo Technology. Jumbo offers one-stop service covering hardware development, software design, and management systems. As mobile gaming has been rising in recent years, Jumbo leverages its abundant know-how and data as an essential stepping stone to the mobile gaming market. Jumbo also works on app development and expansion toward a mobile gaming platform.