CloudMile showcase-Shopline

Benefits of choosing GCP

SHOPLINE’s major user base lies in Taiwan and Hong Kong, where Google Cloud runs its own local data centers. Besides, Google’s own business aligns with search and data analytics. These are the major reasons why SHOPLINE chose Google Cloud Platform.

Speaking of the migration process, Ronald, Engineer Director at SHOPLINE, stated that Imagine Resign Service was their first migrated service. Thanks to GCP’s Container and Kubernetes, SHOPLINE was no longer concerned about any specific platform or system where their programs operate and could focus on business development instead. After the migration, the efficiency of SHOPLINE’S Imagine Resign Service grew considerably—1 time higher in Hong Kong and 10 times higher in Taiwan.

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SHOPLINE is a one-stop e-commerce platform. The product features a self-service platform including integrated website design, product management, cash flow, logistics, and so on. SHOPLINE offers sellers a simple tool to build their websites and assists the clients in managing multiple sales channels. SHOPLINE currently serves users throughout Southeast Asia.