Benefits of choosing GCP

In order to optimize management efficiency and the quality of services, YSDT used to build their own data center but now opt for cloud services. YSDT strengthens data collection and analysis applications with the help of CloudMile’s infrastructure service and technical support on Google Cloud.

YSDT uses Google App Engine and Google Oauth as the authentication server to lower the cost; it leverages BigQuery to contain its data, Cloud Pub/Sub to archive data, and Dataproc to save time on managing Spark.  

Simon Su, Vice President of Product and Engineering said, “We have benefited from the pricing and flexibility of Google Cloud Platform. Google Managed complement these services, making our management easier.” This is why even upon the 1111 and 1212 Shopping Festivals, friDay can handle the surging traffic well.  

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Hiiir Inc. is the predecessor of Yuan Shi Digital Technology (YSDT). In August 2017, Hiiir merged with Go Happy (friDay shopping now) and changed its name into YSDT.

In the same year, YSDT was awarded the Five Star Gold Service (online shopping category) by Global Views; YSDT was also the first e-commerce platform in Taiwan working with STAR WARS 8. It sold official peripherals along with the unique “ friDay Stormtrooper Shipping Box”, which was of limited amount (100 thousand) and was endorsed by the director George Lucas.

friDay is an e-commerce platform selling products; it connects users’ shopping needs with its website, mobile web pages, and app platform. friDAY aspires to make shopping easy and fun, bringing the e-commerce experience of the new generation to its users.