Benefits of choosing GCP

In order to optimize management efficiency and the quality of services, YSDT used to build their own data center but now opt for cloud services. YSDT strengthens data collection and analysis applications with the help of CloudMile’s infrastructure service and technical support on Google Cloud.

YSDT uses Google App Engine and Google Oauth as the authentication server to lower the cost; it leverages BigQuery to contain its data, Cloud Pub/Sub to archive data, and Dataproc to save time on managing Spark.  

Simon Su, Vice President of Product and Engineering said, “We have benefited from the pricing and flexibility of Google Cloud Platform. Google Managed complement these services, making our management easier.” This is why even upon the 1111 and 1212 Shopping Festivals, friDay can handle the surging traffic well.  

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遠時數位科技股份有限公司(YSDT)前身為時間軸科技股份有限公司,時間軸科技於 106 年 8 月 與亞東電子商務股份有限公司合併,更名為遠時數位科技。2017年榮獲《遠見》五星服務獎網路購物類首獎,更成為《星際大戰 STAR WARS 8》在台首度合作的電商平台。除販售官方授權周邊商品外,更獨家推出經過星際大戰導演盧卡斯認證、限量十萬個的「friDay購物白兵物流箱」。friDay購物以電商為平台經營線上商品販售,以網頁平台、手機網頁平台至手機 APP 平台串聯使用者的購物需求。期望以好買、好逛、好好玩的角度帶領使用者開心購物,創造新一代的電子商務體驗。