CloudMile, a Cloud and AI company in Asia, has been cooperating with many top CDN providers in the world to empower its one-stop Multi-CDN platform business, MileCDN. As a fastest growing CDN provider in recent years, Fastly’s well-known Edge Cloud Platform brings the unbelievable experience to users with less latency and highly programmable CDN. By leveraging Fastly’s advantages, a business’s website can achieve less page load time, leading MileCDN to be the best management platform of CDN business.


Fastly was founded in 2011 as a powerful CDN and has evolved into a leading edge cloud platform provider. With the strength of Edge Computing, Fastly has the ability to expand its cloud services to satisfy various demands from the market and CDN is still the primary service in all of them. Once company deploys a website or application to the edge nodes closer to users, users can have the near-zero latency experience while visiting the content on the edge. Nowadays, Fastly has many loyal and well-known customers, such as The New York Times, Yelp, Pinterest, Airbnb and Twitter. If you are interested in more customer stories, please visit Fastly’s Customer Stories to get more information.


Based on edge cloud platform, Fastly integrates many useful features into its CDN edge nodes such as Image Optimization, Video On Demand, Streaming, Cloud Security and Load Balancing. Fastly not only helps company deliver and secure their content, but also ensure high availability and reliability. In recent years, many businesses are seeking for digital transformation and gradually moving their infrastructure or services to cloud. Meanwhile, people can do more things through the Internet. For example, patients see the doctor online, people can buy everything from online retailers or e-commerce platforms, traditional media is moving to new media and shifting their content to online platforms. All of these changes give rise to the huge growth of network traffic. In order to provide a better user experience while fetching content from the Internet, edge computing becomes one of the most popular solutions.


In Fastly, all features are built on the Edge Cloud Platform. For legacy CDN, most computing were done in centralized servers which introduced more latency due to the requirement on passing data between servers and POPs. Until edge cloud platform was released, a lot of things can be done in edge node (distributed computing), e.g. image optimization, WAF, load balancing, and this change reduces the frequency of communication between origin and edge node while cache hit rate is high enough. Other than the decrease of latency, it also helps companies reduce the cost of bandwidth.

POPs are driven by SSD, businesses can store more data in cache for fewer trips to origin, further increase the cache hit rate for lower page load time and renew cache by Instant Purge or Batch Purge to ensure the user is always served with the latest content. Fastly also supports instant log analysis and integration with third-party analysis tools which allows businesses to use their familiar tool for quickly delivering the data-driven business decision. For developer, they are able to leverage APIs exposed from Fastly’s platform and integrate them into existing CI/CD flow. In addition, they do not need to stop the application while updating platform settings and what the most impressive thing is configuration update only needs up to 5 secs for taking effect which greatly improves the efficiency of maintenance and development of website or applications deployed on the edge cloud platform.

Fastly also optimizes the handling of common contents. For example, transforming images at edge node eliminates the latency by reducing the number of requests back to origin. Moreover, image optimization reduces not only the cost of bandwidth but also the requirement of storage in origin. To summarize, with Fastly’s image optimization, website or application is able to provide a better experience of image loading and achieve huge cost savings. More than image, Fastly also emphasizes on the rapid delivery of video and high quality of live streaming. With 97% or more cache hit rate, it greatly reduces the time to get the first frame.

Given everything is kept in the cloud, cloud security is also a key factor for edge cloud platforms. DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall(WAF), Threat Detection and TLS encryption are all available. Other than security, load balancing is also supported at the edge node to ensure the server will not overload while handling a large number of incoming requests which may cause service outage. With all of these amazing features, Fastly’s edge cloud platform especially empowers the business having rising customer expectation, e.g. Amazon, Shopify or Youtube etc. to ensure their website and service can be loaded smoothly with heavy traffic.

We already know many famous companies serving CDN business, for example, Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, Akamai, Microsoft Azure CDN and Google Cloud CDN. Let’s talk about Google Cloud CDN as it also takes a similar concept for running their CDN service. Application is deployed on Google cloud’s edge points globally with less latency and server request cost by improving the cache hit rate. If you are interested in more details, please check this video proving how far Fastly goes in the same industry. You also can compare Fastly with other providers via CDNPlanet or contact CloudMile directly by link below this article. CloudMile has abundant experience in helping different businesses port in one-stop CDN solution to meet all the requirements.


For most CDN in the market, configuration update needs 15 mins to 24 hrs for taking effect. However, Fastly can achieve instant update and also its cost is pretty transparent. Fastly provides an online pricing estimator and explains how much they charge based on bandwidth and region which helps customer better make good budget control. On the other hand, Google Cloud CDN still relies on live cache hit rate to calculate the actual cost. Apparently, Fsatly will be a better fit for most businesses.


By partnershipping with Fastly, MileCDN by CloudMile is able to empower its users with a more comprehensive CDN ecosystem and having powerful security mechanisms like WAF and DDoS protection. Company doesn’t need to negotiate with multiple CDN providers for figuring out the best pricing/usage plan and can take the advantage of each provider based on needs. Meanwhile, with visualed data analysis and performance monitoring, MileCDN has the ability to switch between CDN services according to current performance for improving the quality of content delivery and reliability of application.

Compared with other CDN providers, Fastly’s edge cloud platform has better scalability. Given platform is programmable, developers can do extra things at edge nodes like A/B Testing or customized response header/body which enable both Fastly and its customer to have more potential on their business. This big success of edge cloud platform lets Fastly to be dominant in the industry and benefit its customer by reducing the cost with many useful features like Origin Shielding and latency with edge computing. Of course, with Fastly, MileCDN can do much better to serve any kind of request from customers.

CloudMile has an experienced and professional support team consistently helping businesses to achieve digital transformation by migrating infrastructure or application to cloud. Furthermore, CloudMile provides 24×7 consulting service as well as technical support leading to a successful digital future.

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