“CloudMile has a strong sense of urgency and professionalism, which was needed during the POC and go-live phases.“

Maivenpoint Manager DevOps,
Jeffrey Zhi Ye

Maivenpoint leverages the power of Google Cloud and CloudMile to enhance higher operational efficiency for trainers and educators

Established in 2002, Maivenpoint has a team of experienced professionals with deep domain knowledge in the Training and Adult Education (TAE) industry. The company has been dedicated to providing a Training Management System (TMS) for providers in the TAE industry to help them manage their daily operation. It aims to enhance their clients' competitiveness through increased operational effectiveness & efficiencies of their TMS for both enterprise and entry level TAE providers, contributing positively to the transformation of continuing education and training. 

Since its establishment, Maivenpoint has been dedicated to continually improving its services and products, including user training, project management, consultancy, system design and development. However, the company found itself struggling with higher pressure for IT operations as the customer base grew steadily along the years. Maivenpoint engaged CloudMile, a Google Cloud Managed Service Provider, as its preferred partner to offer a suite of comprehensive services from migration planning, managed services to round-the-clock technical support. 

Before adopting Google Cloud, Maivenpoint had been relying on private cloud hosting providers to support their TMS application eTEAMS (Education & Training e-Administration Management System). However, as business grew and more customers were onboarded to eTEAMS, Maivenpoint realized it needed a more efficient and sustainable way to run their businesses. After considering the following advantages of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the company decided to adopt GCP as the next-generation infrastructure for hosting their TMS applications for the following benefits:

  • Flexibility: Before adopting GCP, Maivenpoint’s current  infrastructure was not able to keep up with the flexible capacity and cost adjustments for additional workloads. It was challenging to meet the changing business demands. With GCP autoscaling, Maivenpoint is able to scale and expand without worrying about capacity, performance, and infrastructure management.
  • Cost Optimization and Management: Moving to GCP means having access to pay-as-you-go cloud service for better ROI and, at the same time, optimized application performance.
  • Disaster Recovery: Cloud-based services can provide quick recovery for emergency scenarios.
  • Reporting: Through GCP dashboards, Maivenpoint gets a comprehensive overview of the company data. The company can also implement customised reports to analyse information catering to various needs from different departments. 
  • Sustainability: Hosting on clouds is more environmentally friendly and causes less carbon footprint, as Google Cloud's data centres are more energy efficient. 

Google Cloud enables us to scale with flexibility and optimise IT cost more easily. This is critical for our business expansion in the competitive education industry.

Lim Sau Boon, Director of Software Engineering

Maivenpoint has migrated and deployed eTEAMS Lite, one of two flagship products designed for Continuous Education Training (CET) providers, to GCP. Maivenpoint engaged CloudMile from end-to-end engagements, starting from proof-of-concept on GCP, migration feasibility study to UAT and go-live phase.

After the completion of the migration, eTEAMS Lite went live successfully on GCP. CloudMile continues to support Maivenpoint with the end-to-end managed services to handle the deployment, 24/7 monitoring, operations and technical support needed for a reliable cloud service at the highest level of security. Maivenpoint takes a preventive approach by partnering with CloudMile who helps monitor the systems and resolve issues at the earliest. Therefore, they get to reduce the potential risk and minimise the costs associated with downtimes. 

Interaction with CloudMile has been a wonderful experience.

Manager DevOps, Jeffrey Zhi Ye

Maivenpoint leverages the power of Google Cloud and CloudMile, expecting to further streamline the cloud usage to fulfil its operational needs. CloudMile, as a value added cloud managed service provider, takes over the operational activities with 24x7 monitoring and technical support, whereas Maivenpoint focuses on the key development and business strategy for expanding services within Asia and international markets.


Maivenpoint Pte Ltd (previously i-Access Pte Ltd) was established in April 2002 to provide affordable, complete and integrated web-based ERP/CRM solutions for providers in the Training & Adult Education (TAE) sector.

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